Food Revolution

Join the Food Revolution

*Beginning in 2010, I started writing a bi-weekly column, “From Richard’s Oft Cluttered Desk” which appears every other Wednesday. Oh, Mister Naked Chef, I think you’re full of crap and should leave our town. You’re going to give us a bad name. I think the chicken nuggets are perfectly fine to serve. If you haven’t […]

FOCUS: Change! (v2n49)

Selected Life Lesson The only thing that never changes – is change! Everything always changes. -Jennifer’s life lesson from Anamosa, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… It is said that the only things that are true in life are: Death and Taxes. It’s satirical, but somewhat true. Today is Tax Day (unless you filed an extension of course!). […]

Reviewing Q1 2010

Well, the first quarter of 2010 is in the books, so I thought it would be good to review where I’ve gone since January 1, 2010. I want to review every quarter with my wonderful readers and fans. It keeps me honest about where I am in life and maybe you’ll share with me your […]

Bull Riding

While in a snow-storm in Dallas, Texas (YES, Dallas!) I sat on a real, live bull. No bull! (Each Friday, I will post a recent photo.)

Overdraft Protection

Ah, the joys of multitasking. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle multiple projects, multiple tasks and multiple phone calls at once. But here’s a question: Do you have Overdraft Protection on your life when you over-multitask? Right now, I have three programs on my computer running: Firefox, iTunes and Microsoft Word. In Firefox […]

Give Love

*This post is the fifth in the Life-Debt Series. An inside look at living your life to its fullest. What else can  help you balance your life? Is it a spreadsheet or a ten-step how-to guide? Is it a shelf full of self-help books? It can be a combination of all those things, but one […]