Blink – Book Review

I recently finished Blink by Malcom Gladwell, and while not as good (in my opinion) of his latest work, Outliers which I already reviewed. While Outliers looked at what created personal success. Blink focuses on the two seconds your mind takes in making decisions. In a nut-shell it was fascinating. Why You Should Read It: […]

Open by Agassi

As a tennis fan, the release of Andre Agassi’s, Open, was a shock to the system. Agassi wasn’t my favorite player growing up. I’ll say for the record that I was a Pete Sampras guy. In fact, I’ll never forget the match at the US Open when for nearly three hours, Agassi and Sampras traded […]

Life is a Permanent Beta Test

Jon Foreman, the lead singer of my favorite band Switchfoot once said, “[…] unlimited undos. I wish I had that in life.” The great thing is: We do! In life, we get as many chances as we need to find answers and ask questions. We have our whole lives to figures things out and reach […]

The Improbable 2009

2009 is almost in the books! What an amazing year it has been and how amazing the future looks! I can hardly imagine what is possible, but I know anything is! A lot more happened this year than I thought possible… so here is just a glimpse. 1. I Can Run! I began 2009 with […]

Thoughts From Team Drake

Last Wednesday I had the great challenge and opportunity to work with Drake University to strengthen their team. (I want to thank all the participants for being great sports!) There was a great variation in the departments and job duties attending this session. But one thing is certain: we learned a lot about ourselves and […]

Let the Volunteers Go

Most non-profit organizations require volunteers to achieve their mission. No matter many volunteers an organization has, they are always searching for the next batch to come in and replace the old bunch. That leads to an interesting question: “What is the bigger challenge: Volunteer retention or volunteer turnover?” It is actually a trick question in […]

The Final Thesis

I know it has taken a long time for me to read Tuesdays with Morrie, but it was well worth the wait. I took note upon note to reflect on later and as I write this, here they are, sitting in front of me. How do I sum up a brilliant, open, emotional and final […]