Richard Dedor Statement

Statement: HJR 4 is a Step Backwards for Iowa

FEBRUARY 9, 2015, WEST DES MOINES, IOWA — Political activist and author of the recently released, “Renewing America’s Promise,” Richard Dedor has released the following statement regarding Iowa House Joint Resolution 4: “After nearly six years and hundreds of marriages between loving and committed couples, House Joint Resolution 4 represents the worst of Iowa. It […]

Car Talk

Remembering A Car Talk Brother

It was my dad who turned me onto Car Talk — the famous, or infamous if you didn’t like the show — many, many years ago. Today, I am thankful for that introduction back in our single-car garage in Mason City, Iowa, on some random Saturday one summer. Last week, one of the Car Talk […]

Iowa Windmills

Returning to Iowa

As my rental truck trudged out of Astoria, New York, across the Gov. Christie-made famous George Washington Bridge and towards the West, a mix of excitement and fear cursed through my veins. I’m a young —nearly 31 — professional who just relocated back to Iowa from the energy and excitement of New York City. I […]

Mental Health

The Status of Mental Health in the US

While it is too early to make judgments on the missed opportunities, it appears that the recent shooting in Santa Barbara was, in fact, preventable. On ABC World News Tonight on the evening of May 24, they reported that the alleged killer in the shooting spree had recently spoken with police at the urging of […]

Experian Social Security

What is Social Security?

Social Security has often been called the third rail of American politics; you touch it and you die. Well, today, we are going to grasp it with both hands so that we may better understand it so that we may better improve it for future generations. In this week’s video, we look at the origin […]

The Kindness Commodity

This post first appeared on Medium. The value of kindness on the open market Growing up on the rolling hills of Iowa, I was constantly surrounded by kindness. It is a commodity that is in short supply in the concrete jungle that is New York City. This past weekend I spent hours walking the paths […]

Newsletter: Home Again

It’s trite in American politics — the idea of a “New Beginning” — and yet it is used by someone during every election cycle. Don’t stop reading! I’m not going to bore you with the tales of the election that has just past. Instead, I believe I will regale you with a short story about […]