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News: SF Asks Feds to End Gay Blood Ban" rel="bookmark">News: SF Asks Feds to End Gay Blood Ban

News: SF Asks Feds to End Gay Blood Ban" rel="nofollow" id="featured-thumbnail">
via Breitbart News: San Francisco Presses Feds to End Ban on Gay Male Blood Donations Excerpt: In 1983, as the AIDS epidemic was raging, gays and bisexual men were banned from donating blood by the FDA. Now

Video: The First Gay NFL Player Provides Hope" rel="bookmark">Video: The First Gay NFL Player Provides Hope

Video: The First Gay NFL Player Provides Hope" rel="nofollow" id="featured-thumbnail">
As Michael Sam recently accepted the 2014 Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs, a sense of pride and honor came over me. I now live in a world where there is a gay NBA player, a

News: More Voices to Change Gay Blood Ban

Across the country on July 11, there were dozens of blood drives to raise awareness of the current FDA-enforced “gay blood ban.” This effort has raised the profile of the issue even higher and hopefully the pressure

Global Update on Gay Blood Ban

I have been an avid and vocal proponent of a policy change in the United States on the blanket ban attached to gay men donating blood. And now according to Towleroad, South Africa has ended their ban,

A New Day in Politics

In the last two weeks, three candidates have been appearing in my Facebook news feed more and more and I believe they signal a rising tide of passionate, informed, dedicated, and ready public servants. The trifecta of

The Gay Blood Ban

The ban on gay men donating blood is tragic and can be avoided. There are growing numbers of people out to overturn the ban, including Senator Elizabeth Warren and the group, Banned4Life.

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