The Kindness Commodity

This post first appeared on Medium. The value of kindness on the open market Growing up on the rolling hills of Iowa, I was constantly surrounded by kindness. It is a commodity that is in short supply in the concrete jungle that is New York City. This past weekend I spent hours walking the paths […]

I Will Not Like Myself

We live in a world of “likes“, “shares”, and “retweet.” And before I forget, be sure to like and tweet this article! This story from the Daily Dot last week got me angry. First of all, are we really encouraging sex on social media with likes? I mean, is that what we have stooped to? […]

How To Let Go of Anger

I made a mistake. There. I said it. I’ve made no secret about my ups and downs over the past 18 months. It has not been pretty. And I am a pretty close-knit person, but I believe it is time to open up about everything that happened … even if I do it in pieces. […]


Hurricane Sandy Destroyed My Home

I lived through Hurricane Irene (even if it was only a Tropical Storm when it made landfall last year near me here in New York City). In fact, about 10 days before that I experienced my first-ever earthquake too! Last week I lived through my first true hurricane. The lady Sandy made landfall late Sunday […]

You’ve Been Fired. Now What?

Three weeks ago I was let go from my job. There I said it. Taking the stairs down for the last time was definitely an emotional experience. And as I stood in the lobby of our office building in the Flatiron District here in the big city, I held back my tears. But the first […]

2010 – Amazing Awaits

“Amazing Awaits” is the theme for my 2010. There is so much to not only celebrate from 2009, but to look forward to in 2010! Here are just a few of the things that I’m either looking forward to or working towards. Business Sell my book (get a free chapter!) Get published on six different […]

Tops From 2009

2009 was an amazing year for myself and Finding Focus. I had a goal when the year began to write 52 blog posts, one per week. I am happy to say that I shattered my goal. My total number of posts ended up at 126 posts, not to mention the 50 FOCUS posts that come […]