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White House Petition: End the FDA Gay Blood Ban

Call On HHS & The FDA To End Their Ban Against Gay & Bisexual Male Blood Donors The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) bans gay & bisexual men from donating blood. The current lifetime deferral focuses

News: UK: Green Party Calls for Change to Gay Blood Ban

From Pink News: Green Party councillors on the Brighton and Hove City Council have called for the end to the bar against gay and bisexual men donating blood within 12 months of having sex with a man.

News: Activists take Botswana ban on LGBTI people donating blood to court

Botswana’s National Blood Transfusion Services is refusing to accept blood donations from gay, lesbian or transgender people in a move that activists say violates non-discrimination clauses in the country’s constitution [...] Read the rest of the article.

The Status of Mental Health in the US

While it is too early to make judgments on the missed opportunities, it appears that the recent shooting in Santa Barbara was, in fact, preventable. On ABC World News Tonight on the evening of May 24, they

Global Update on Gay Blood Ban

I have been an avid and vocal proponent of a policy change in the United States on the blanket ban attached to gay men donating blood. And now according to Towleroad, South Africa has ended their ban,

How Glee Conquered Fear

Since Glee began five years ago, they have been a beacon for story-telling. Whether it was Kurt’s coming out, gay and straight relationships, school violence, family troubles, and now death, Glee has shown us humanity. They shattered

Get in a Good Mood

I was on the subway last week and saw this ad and just had to share it with you. Notice: The seat is empty.