Focus on You… Smile! (v1n27)

This Week’s Lesson A smile is contagious – so infect everyone! -Kristy S’ life lesson from Waterloo, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… Trick or Treat! Remember to smile when handing our all your goodies tomorrow night. Remember Halloween’s when you were younger? I remember being a Ninja Turtle (the originals of course), and a football player, pads […]

Focus On You … Passion! (v1n26)

This Week’s Lesson You may not have money, but as long as you have your education & your health… you will survive. -This Life Lesson was submitted anonymously Richard’s Thoughts… I know the last few weeks have been tough on all of us. We’ve all been affected by the craziness that has become our economy. […]

Focus On You … Others! (v1n24)

This Week’s Lesson Putting the needs of others before yours will pay you back sometime in the future. -Michael M’s life lesson from Marshalltown, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… I often speak about how we don’t do enough for ourselves and I still believe that is true. How often do you take time for something you really […]

Focus On You … Importance! (v1n21)

This Week’s Lesson I am not the most important person. -submitted by Michelle B. from Kansas City, Missouri Richard’s Thoughts… Yesterday I had the great fortune to be the closing speaker at the Iowa Family Planning Update Conference in Des Moines, Iowa. Every time I go on stage to speak, I of course shake off […]

Focus On You … Respect! (v1n20)

This Week’s Lesson Accept people right where they are. -submitted by Judy S. of Cedar Rapids, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… Not only do we need to spend time respecting others, often times… we don’t even respect ourselves! Think about it… Have no idea what I’m talking about? Think about how you talk to yourself. Do you […]

Focus On You … Appreciate! (v1n19)

This Week’s Lesson Life is very short. Take the time to acknowledge and extend appreciation for others. -submitted by Lauri H. of Cedar Rapids, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… Well, I’m back from vacation – – and what a vacation it was. I was able to spend two days in the Rocky Mountains, enjoying the sights and […]

Focus On You … You! (v1n18)

This Week’s Lesson Put some $ away for a rainy day. -submitted by Kris T. of Cedar Rapids, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… I’m on vacation! I have saved and now I’m on vacation. I’m on a ‘rainy week!’ I will be using my time away from phone calls, emails and text messages to re-energize my life. […]