FOCUS: Fail to Know!

Selected Life Lesson Never give up on a dream that you can reach, because you will regret it in the long run. -Anonymous from the 2008 Leadership On and Off the Field Conference Richard’s Thoughts… When I received this anonymous life lesson four years ago, I immediately gravitated towards it, but it hasn’t become top-of-mind […]

FOCUS: Family First!

Selected Life Lesson Never put your job before your family. -Tyneal H’s Life Lesson from Vinton, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… Working in New York City over the past 13 months has taught me a few things. First, time is precious. Second, food is delicious. Third, family and friends are the most valuable people in the world. […]

FOCUS: Smile Today!

Selected Life Lesson It doesn’t matter what you wear – remember your smile is your best attire. -Anonymous Life Lesson from Cedar Rapids, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… A smile is a beautiful and priceless thing. And it is so easy to share. We all know the feeling when a baby and little child smiles at you, […]

FOCUS: Live Your Passion!

Selected Life Lesson Always be passionate about what you want to pursue. Always think you can never give up. -Taylor B’s Life Lesson from Haven, Kansas Richard’s Thoughts… Having and living a life full of passion is a wonderful thing. But how many of you and your friends actually execute on your passions on a […]

FOCUS: Know Yourself!

Selected Life Lesson Never, never, never, never, NEVER say anything when you’re mad. -Susan R’s Life Lesson from Kansas City Richard’s Thoughts… We are definitely all guilty of it: the angry text, email, or verbal assault on a co-worker, family member, boss or significant other. We can all always do better. In the past six […]

FOCUS: Be Thankful!

Selected Life Lesson Be thankful for today because tomorrow may never come. -S.R.’s Life Lesson from Central City, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… I have been thinking a lot lately about life and the loss that comes with it. This is certainly not an uplifting topic to spend my time on day in and day out, but […]

FOCUS: Love Always!

Selected Life Lesson Life is too short so make sure to tell the people you care about what’s on your mind and that you love them. -Kim S’ Life Lesson from Hiawatha, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… Since this week’s lesson is about life being short and encouraging you to tell the people around you that you […]