Focus – on Yourself

Selected Life Lesson Do not change yourself to make others happy. -Mandy P’s Life Lesson from Olathe, Kansas Richard’s Thoughts… As I have been working through my latest (and soon to be announced) project, I have been reminding myself to do the things that are most true to who I am as a person. Getting […]

Focus – on Happiness

Selected Life Lesson My happiness depends upon me. -Barbara C’s Life Lesson from New York Richard’s Thoughts… Isn’t that the truth? We can not give away control to our own lives. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t let other people enter our lives and allow them to have deep and lasting impacts on us. […]

FOCUS: Be Willing!

Selected Life Lesson It’s not that you’re incapable … just unwilling. -Courtney H’s Life Lesson from the Olathe, Kansas Richard’s Thoughts… While Courtney’s lesson is a harsh one, it is true from start to finish. I went to upstate New York last weekend with some friends for some much needed rest-and-relaxation and on the way […]


FOCUS: Give Back! (v3n52)

Selected Life Lesson Volunteer. Find an organization that you share values or interest in, a family or neighbor who could use a hand, etc. and volunteer your time. -Susan M’s Life Lesson Richard’s Thoughts… I have long been an advocate of volunteering and Susan’s lesson could not have come at a better time! Usually the […]

FOCUS: Take Action! (v3n42)

Selected Life Lesson Instead of spending time and energy agonizing over a problem you are facing, take action toward solving it. -Heidi D’s life lesson from El Dorado, Kansas Richard’s Thoughts… It happens to the best of us: We set an audacious New Year’s Resolution and for a week or two or even maybe if […]

FOCUS: Listen & Learn! (v3n26)

Selected Life Lesson Listen and look at it from both views and keep things in perspective. -Brad T’s life lesson from Des Moines, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… Finally! The election is over. I used to love the politics, but now I can honestly say that I loath it. I still care, just not for the … […]

FOCUS: Tell the Truth! (v3n12)

Selected Life Lesson Do not lie and always tell the truth no matter how hard it may be. -Kate N’s life lesson from Olathe, Kansas Richard’s Thoughts… There is an old saying from Mark Twain: A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. We know that to […]