News: Does It Pay To Pay Teachers $100,000?

NPR: Does It Pay To Pay Teachers $100,000? Excerpt But their real-life counterparts aren’t getting rich, either. The average pay for a teacher in the United States? About $56,000, usually higher in urban districts, lower in rural ones. Add the fact that salaries fell in recent years, and it’s probably no surprise that more teachers […]

Perry High School

The Status of Iowa Schools and Students

The Des Moines Register has asked a really good (and fair) question: How do Iowa students today compare with those 20 years ago? Their story Iowa schools: Are they better or worse off? details the changes in funding, costs, and success of Iowa schools and students. A few numbers stood out to me: Fourth-grade reading […]

Education Classroom

Video: Changing Education Paradigms

Education, in every state, is an annual debate on funding and accountability. But we should also be debating the style and structure of education itself. This RSA Animate was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA’s Benjamin Franklin award. It […]


News: Update on No Child Left Behind

Pioneer Press: Other voices: Fine, a new No Child Left Behind. But what if students don’t learn? Excerpt Both House and Senate would wisely continue statewide testing regimens that break out results among students by race, income and special needs. However, both bills rate a big red “I” for “incomplete” in one vital measure: accountability […]

Andre Agassi

News: An Interview with Andre Agassi

Harvard Business Review: An Interview with Andre Agassi Excerpt [On his school's difference to the rest of the public schools in Las Vegas] One difference is time on task. There are no shortcuts. We have longer school days—eight hours versus six. If you add that up, it’s 16 years of education versus 12 for district […]