Education Classroom

Let’s Reform Education

I’ve been in discussions with teachers, educators, and community leaders for months now and we keep talking about education and education reform. I’m hearing stories about the great and challenging work teachers are doing so I wanted to pose the question to you: How would you reform education? Leave your comments on the YouTube Video […]

Education Classroom

News: Don’t Give Up the Gains in Education

The New York Times: Don’t Give Up the Gains in Education Excerpt: Congress made the right decision a decade ago when it required states to administer yearly tests to public school students — and improve instruction for poor and minority students — in return for federal education aid. National test data clearly show that since […]

Rand Paul

Chat with Richard: The Value of Common Core Standards

Earlier this year, I came out in support of Common Core. Conversely, Senator Rand Paul, who I have agreed with on occasion, recently called out Gov. Jeb Bush for his support of Common Core and said he would not have a chance in a Republican Primary. Rand’s contention is that Common Core represents dramatic federal […]