Perry High School

A Review of the 2016 Legislative Session

When the 2016 Iowa Legislative Session kicked off back in January, I had this to say to the 50 state senators, 100 house members, and our long-serving governor in Terry Branstad. In it, I detailed a high-level view of priorities for our leaders: We want affordable education that returns quality results. We want fair taxes […]


Op Ed: It’s Time for a Real Debate on Iowa’s Educational Future

A Better Iowa: It’s Time for a Real Debate on Iowa’s Educational Future Everyone can agree that education in Iowa is important. Whether is it pre-school, elementary, middle, high school¬†or college; education is the key to strong communities and strong long-term economic growth. Therein ends the agreement from the General Assembly. How we get there […]

Clarinda Education

News: Virtual welding sparks interest of students

Clarinda Herald: Virtual welding sparks interest of students Excerpt In response to the demand from several area manufacturers, Clarinda High School has started a new program to teach students the fundamentals of a highly sought after skill. Utilizing advancements in technology, Clarinda students are being introduced to welding through the use of virtual reality. Commentary […]


News: Does It Pay To Pay Teachers $100,000?

NPR: Does It Pay To Pay Teachers $100,000? Excerpt But their real-life counterparts aren’t getting rich, either. The average pay for a teacher in the United States? About $56,000, usually higher in urban districts, lower in rural ones. Add the fact that salaries fell in recent years, and it’s probably no surprise that more teachers […]

Perry High School

The Status of Iowa Schools and Students

The Des Moines Register has asked a really good (and fair) question: How do Iowa students today compare with those 20 years ago? Their story Iowa schools: Are they better or worse off? details the changes in funding, costs, and success of Iowa schools and students. A few numbers stood out to me: Fourth-grade reading […]