News: How to Fix High Poverty High Schools

Republic 3.0: How to Fix High Poverty High Schools Excerpt Among students from households in the bottom income quartile (those earning less than $34,160 a year), just 45 percent go on to college – and only 9 percent eventually earn a bachelor’s degree. Among students from households in the top quartile, in contrast, 82 percent […]


News: Gender, education and work; The weaker sex

The Economist: The weaker sex Excerpt: “IT’S all to do with their brains and bodies and chemicals,” says Sir Anthony Seldon, the master of Wellington College, a posh English boarding school. “There’s a mentality that it’s not cool for them to perform, that it’s not cool to be smart,” suggests Ivan Yip, principal of the […]

Education Classroom

Let’s Reform Education

I’ve been in discussions with teachers, educators, and community leaders for months now and we keep talking about education and education reform. I’m hearing stories about the great and challenging work teachers are doing so I wanted to pose the question to you: How would you reform education? Leave your comments on the YouTube Video […]