Perry High School

A Review of the 2016 Legislative Session

When the 2016 Iowa Legislative Session kicked off back in January, I had this to say to the 50 state senators, 100 house members, and our long-serving governor in Terry Branstad. In it, I detailed a high-level view of priorities for our leaders: We want affordable education that returns quality results. We want fair taxes […]

It's On Us

Let’s End Sexual Assault

At the Oscars this year, Vice President Joe Biden introduced the multi-talented Lady Gaga to sing her song, “‘Til It Happens To You”. It was a moving testament to the pain and isolation those who have experienced sexual violence feel. The three major colleges across Iowa have all experienced their own challenges with sexual violence […]

Highway Roads

Let’s Democratize Democracy

This post first appeared on The Des Moines Register’s Our Caucus series. Last night I joined 100 other influencers, special interest groups, presidential campaigns, and elected officials, to launch’s latest project, I was invited by my good friend Nick Troiano to speak as an undecided voter. The night itself was great. I was […]

Iowa Wind Turbines

A Note to Iowa Legislators

Dear Iowa Legislators, Tomorrow will begin another year of your service to the people in your districts and the people of Iowa. It is another chance to work with your fellow members to make Iowa a better place to grow up, raise a family, and retire. In the last 12 months, I have gotten married […]

religion and faith

Religion & Freedom

Over the past month, a lot of the country has been following Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis’ fight against gay marriage. On June 26 of this year, the United States Supreme Court ruled that all states must recognize and provide marriage licenses for all legally-able couples, gay or straight. Mrs. Davis claims issuing those licenses […]

Flag at US Grant Mausoleum In Manhattan

Ending Political Rhetoric

Last week I was engaging ton Twitter on an issue I find to be of the utmost importance: Social Security. I saw the following Tweet: Why #SocialSecurity should dominate the 2016 election — Eyes On Fox (@eyesonfoxorg) May 11, 2015 The Tweet itself is fairly inocuous and I wanted to engage a fellow citizen. […]

Boston Strong

Boston Strong

At first I was sad as a fellow marathoner. Then I was sad as an American. On the afternoon of April 15, 2013, I was working at a small digital agency in New York City. I pulled up the news on a quick break and saw the breaking news of an explosion near the finish […]