Review: The Thank You Economy

Current event business books always interest me, but I am rarely fast enough with my reading to give me a chance to read them as they come out. (Better late than never though, right?) That said, The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk, puts the business world on notice: Get moving or get dying. I […]


One of Seinfeld’s many great contributions to society is their creation of sayings. What sayings you ask? For starters, did we have a formal name for someone who dips a chip, takes a bite and dips again? We do now! How about someone who quietly sides up right next to you, thus taking credit for […]

What is the Goal of Leadership?

In times of a tough economy, leadership skills become much more important. Good-to-great leaders have to build focus around goals, have to convey the right message and attitude and on top of it all, run the day-to-day operations. Being a leader is hard, difficult work. (photo credit: Leo Reynolds) I have spent my entire professional, […]

Impossible Goals

Over the last four years I have written extensively on goals and goal-setting and recently the question of Quality vs. Quantity popped into my head. As I have said before in relation to my personal goals, I set some tough ones, but I don’t think I have ever set a goal that was too hard […]

Broken Piggy Bank

Broken? Depends Who You Ask

This past Sunday I happened to catch the end of Sen. Harry Reid on NBC’s Meet the Press and what he had to say actually had me laughing. Reid was asked about Social Security and the proposals on the table. Reid interupted and said he didn’t like any of the proposals. Not A One. The […]

Control Your Inbox for Better Results

The first few posts this year are going to focus on personal development topics. The end of the year and the end of each quarter is a great time to go back and review what you’ve been doing and what you would like to be doing. We’re going to start with e-mail. I have written […]

Orange Crushed

*Beginning in 2010, I started writing a bi-weekly column, “From Richard’s Oft Cluttered Desk” which appears every other Wednesday. I am relieved. Bronco-Nation is “calm.” Let the re-building begin. It never actually did back in 2009 when Josh McDaniels was hired. It was splashy. It was bold. It was wrong. McDaniels had only two years […]