Chat with Richard: Maintaining a Free and Open Internet

Today, you are watching this video on YouTube or Facebook either on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. This is made possible by an internet provider that you pay for service. Last week, after protests around the country, President Obama came out in strong favor and defense of Net Neutrality. I have spoken and written […]

Car Talk

Remembering A Car Talk Brother

It was my dad who turned me onto Car Talk — the famous, or infamous if you didn’t like the show — many, many years ago. Today, I am thankful for that introduction back in our single-car garage in Mason City, Iowa, on some random Saturday one summer. Last week, one of the Car Talk […]

When Markets Start to Fail

When markets start to fail the very group of people they were designed to serve, innovators arrive. That is what has happened to the world’s financial markets. Over the past year, you may have heard about a new “currency,” Bitcoin. I have not written or spoken about it much and that is mostly because I […]

Sept 10 - Net Neutrality

Update on Net Neutrality

Today is September 10, 2014, but it will also be known as the “Internet Slowdown” day. I have oft written and spoken about Net Neutrality and it’s importance in a free and open Internet; which I believe in. The FCC is accepting final comments on rules pertaining to the implementation of new rules on September […]

CBO July 2014

Chat with Richard: The Impending Fiscal Cliff

On July 15, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released their annual budget outlook. Read the full report. The report paints a difficult future for the US Government and the overall economy. This outlook projects out to 2039, 25 years which would put me at 55 years old. Let me first present our current situation. The […]

Net Neutrality Open Internet

Chat with Richard: Net Neutrality

Technology questions aside, I believe in a fair, open, and free Internet. And here is why. Here in the United States, since the dawning days of the Internet, we have been free and able to publish anything we want to the World Wide Web. Today, this has not changed. While other countries censor and block, […]