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Chat with Richard: Net Neutrality" rel="bookmark">Chat with Richard: Net Neutrality

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Technology questions aside, I believe in a fair, open, and free Internet. And here is why. Here in the United States, since the dawning days of the Internet, we have been free and able to publish anything

Chat with Richard: Building a National Strategic Agenda

Meaningful work in Washington is hard to come by these days. The truly last piece of legislation that had any real impact was likely the budget deal put together by Congressman Paul Ryan and Senator Patty Murray.

Chat with Richard: Aereo Loses Supreme Court Case Against Big Broadcasters

For nearly 18 months, I have been a consumer, fan, and advocate of a service called, Aereo. This past week, the United States Supreme Court ruled in a case, American Broadcasting Company v. Aereo, that Aereo’s service

News: Ukraine Signs Trade Deal with the EU

The deal that sparked the demonstrations (because the sitting Ukrainian president would not sign it) which lead to the ouster of the president which lead to Russia’s actions in Crimea, which lead to a new president, has

The Future of Social Security

How Joe Scarborough Can Become President

This story originally appeared on Medium. In order to win a national election in this country, you have to have a few things going in your favor. First, you must have an electable persona. It sounds cliche

Focus on Working Together

Life Lesson Of The Week Learn to work together. We can accomplish more together than we can alone. -Anonymous’ Life Lesson Focus On It The world is better when we are working together. Our teams are better