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News: Social Security trust fund projected to run dry by 2034

CNN: Social Security trust fund projected to run dry by 2034 Excerpt If lawmakers don’t act, Social Security’s trust fund will be tapped out in about 18 years. To make all of Social Security solvent for the next 75 years would require the equivalent of any of the following: immediately raising the Social Security payroll […]

Perry High School

A Review of the 2016 Legislative Session

When the 2016 Iowa Legislative Session kicked off back in January, I had this to say to the 50 state senators, 100 house members, and our long-serving governor in Terry Branstad. In it, I detailed a high-level view of priorities for our leaders: We want affordable education that returns quality results. We want fair taxes […]

Highway Roads

Let’s Democratize Democracy

This post first appeared on The Des Moines Register’s Our Caucus series. Last night I joined 100 other influencers, special interest groups, presidential campaigns, and elected officials, to launch Change.org’s latest project, ChangePolitics.org. I was invited by my good friend Nick Troiano to speak as an undecided voter. The night itself was great. I was […]

Caucus Questions on Budget

The Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Omnibus Bill

I promise you this: I will not be silent and I will not sit down until our government starts to run the government efficiently. That means our elected officials must produce a budget that does one thing: reduces the federal deficit and edges towards reducing or at least stabilizing the growing and crippling debt. The […]

Broken Piggy Bank

News: Obama’s MyRA Retirement Savings Plan Goes Nationwide

Accounting Today: Obama’s MyRA Retirement Savings Plan Goes Nationwide Excerpt The government-backed plan is an option for the tens of millions of U.S. workers whose employers don’t offer a retirement savings plan. MyRA accounts are open to anyone earning an annual salary of less than $131,000, or $193,00 if they are married and filing taxes […]


Video: America’s Budget Crisis

It is not a secret but not enough people are talking about it. We have a serious budget crisis in America; and despite the annual deficit shrinking (note: there is still a deficit), our overall debt continues to climb and we do not currently have a path out. That has to change. Links: Ex-GAO head […]

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Event: Federal Budget Workshop in Des Moines

Community members are invited to join Drake University students, faculty, staff and the RaySociety in an interactive budget forum to learn about the federal budget and study real-life public policy choices related to domestic priorities and defense spending, Medicare and Social Security, and taxes. During this fun and interactive exercise facilitated by Sara Imhof, Iowa’s […]