Andre Agassi

News: An Interview with Andre Agassi

Harvard Business Review: An Interview with Andre Agassi Excerpt [On his school's difference to the rest of the public schools in Las Vegas] One difference is time on task. There are no shortcuts. We have longer school days—eight hours versus six. If you add that up, it’s 16 years of education versus 12 for district […]

religion and faith

Religion & Freedom

Over the past month, a lot of the country has been following Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis’ fight against gay marriage. On June 26 of this year, the United States Supreme Court ruled that all states must recognize and provide marriage licenses for all legally-able couples, gay or straight. Mrs. Davis claims issuing those licenses […]

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Event: Federal Budget Workshop in Des Moines

Community members are invited to join Drake University students, faculty, staff and the RaySociety in an interactive budget forum to learn about the federal budget and study real-life public policy choices related to domestic priorities and defense spending, Medicare and Social Security, and taxes. During this fun and interactive exercise facilitated by Sara Imhof, Iowa’s […]

Experian Social Security

Facts & Myths About Social Security

Groups on all sides of the issue of Social Security are doing their best to build up walls around their staked-out positions and all that is leaving us with is a battlefield full of ideas that are DOA. Instead, we need to approach Social Security with an open conversation about the facts and leave the […]


News: Presidential candidates confront opioid epidemic in N.H.

Boston Globe: Presidential candidates confront opioid epidemic in N.H. Excerpt One by one, as the candidates march through New Hampshire, they are forced to confront the state’s drug crisis through sorrowful, first-hand testimonies of addiction. A recent poll showed the drug crisis ranked second as the biggest issue facing the state — ahead of health […]

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Op Ed: Millennials Should Press on Debt Question

My Op Ed “Millennials Should Press on Debt Question” was featured at the Globe Gazette on August 19, 2015. Read an excerpt below: A few facts: First, I am a Millennial. Second, our country is on a path of deficits as far as the eye can see. The projected mounting debt matters greatly to me […]


A Balanced Federal Budget

Because our federal government is on a path of endless deficits which only add to an already stretched debt, I am working with a group, First Budget. Our work is to drive a conversation about the need to take serious paths towards a sustainable federal budget.