When Markets Start to Fail

When markets start to fail the very group of people they were designed to serve, innovators arrive. That is what has happened to the world’s financial markets. Over the past year, you may have heard about a new “currency,” Bitcoin. I have not written or spoken about it much and that is mostly because I […]

Experian Social Security

Chat with Richard: The Tragedy of the Third Rail

As we near the midterm election of 2014, one issue that has slowly cropped up has been Social Security. There have been some bits of misinformation and I have been engaging with fellow Americans on Twitter and I thought it was time to clear a few things up. First, I have never advocated for a […]

Rand Paul

Chat with Richard: The Value of Common Core Standards

Earlier this year, I came out in support of Common Core. Conversely, Senator Rand Paul, who I have agreed with on occasion, recently called out Gov. Jeb Bush for his support of Common Core and said he would not have a chance in a Republican Primary. Rand’s contention is that Common Core represents dramatic federal […]

War on Poverty White House Graphic

News: U.S. Census Bureau Annual Report on Poverty

Story Excerpt: Judged by that standard, the War on Poverty has been a colossal flop. The welfare state has undermined self-sufficiency by discouraging work and penalizing marriage. When the War on Poverty began seven percent of children were born outside marriage. Today, 42 percent of children are. By eroding marriage, the welfare state has made […]

Young Conservatives Freedom to Marry

Announcement: Joining the Freedom to Marry Coalition

It is with great pride and excitement that I announce that I have joined the Freedom to Marry Coalition and more specifically, the Young Conservatives for Freedom to Marry. Over the next two years, the goal of the group is to remove hateful language from the Republican Platform and add in line about equality and […]

Sept 10 - Net Neutrality

Update on Net Neutrality

Today is September 10, 2014, but it will also be known as the “Internet Slowdown” day. I have oft written and spoken about Net Neutrality and it’s importance in a free and open Internet; which I believe in. The FCC is accepting final comments on rules pertaining to the implementation of new rules on September […]