Life Lesson Of The Week
I went back to school and got my degree as a non-traditional student. I did it when I didn’t think I could!
-Linda M’s Life Lesson from Garden City, Kansas

Focus On It
Along with Linda, I am going “back to school” this month. As an avid politico, I found a class at the online school Coursera called “The Kennedy Half Century” taught by the well known and respected Larry J. Sabato, and I had to sign up.

It has been a long time since I have been in school, but I am excited. I’m excited to be in a structured learning environment, even if I’m not getting school credit for it. It’s about the learning and what may come of it.

No matter if you just graduated, never graduated, or graduated a decade ago, you can go back to school. Remember, learning never ends so you might as well embrace it!