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Privacy Speech: Senator Rand Paul Speaks at Berkeley Forum

No matter what you think of the Tea Party, the Republican Party, or the political process in general, give a listen to Sen. Paul’s recent speech at the Berkeley Forum on the “right to privacy.”

Happy Memorial Day

Global Update on Gay Blood Ban

I have been an avid and vocal proponent of a policy change in the United States on the blanket ban attached to gay men donating blood. And now according to Towleroad, South Africa has ended their ban,

Medical Marijuana Continues to Evolve

As is true with many issues in politics, my own opinion on medical marijuana has been an evolving viewpoint. This week I’m going to touch on two topics: medical marijuana and the recreational use of marijuana. Please

A New Day in Politics

In the last two weeks, three candidates have been appearing in my Facebook news feed more and more and I believe they signal a rising tide of passionate, informed, dedicated, and ready public servants. The trifecta of

The True Separation of Church & State

A recent event in Iowa sponsored by The Family Leader saw four Republican candidates for their party’s U.S. Senate nomination say some of the following things when asked about how they would go about selecting judges: Three

Why Common Core Standards are Good

This week I want to talk a bit more about education. It seems no matter who is running for office, education is always a topic at the café campaign stops, and so it is in this election