Chat with Richard: Maintaining a Free and Open Internet

Today, you are watching this video on YouTube or Facebook either on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. This is made possible by an internet provider that you pay for service. Last week, after protests around the country, President Obama came out in strong favor and defense of Net Neutrality. I have spoken and written […]

Car Talk

Remembering A Car Talk Brother

It was my dad who turned me onto Car Talk — the famous, or infamous if you didn’t like the show — many, many years ago. Today, I am thankful for that introduction back in our single-car garage in Mason City, Iowa, on some random Saturday one summer. Last week, one of the Car Talk […]

Islamic State on Vice News

The Islamic State from Vice News

Last night, 60 Minutes ran a piece on ISIS called, “Campaigning for ISIS in the West.” The piece was informative and enlightening coming from a religious leader in the United Kingdom who is an avid supporter of ISIS, or Islamic State. It is important to watch news pieces like that (and the one below) to […]

Announcement: Write in Richard Dedor on November 4

After watching enough negative advertisements, listening to candidate statements, and reading about the two leading candidates running to replace retiring Sen. Tom Harkin, I encourage all Iowans to look at their options and consider me as a write-in to represent them, the great people of Iowa, as their US Senator in the next Congress.

Guest Column: No Labels seeks change

Check out my guest opinion article in the October 26, 2014, issue of the Globe Gazette. Excerpt: I believe debate is good. In fact, it is the only disinfectant in a thriving democracy. Our government is only at its best when opposing viewpoints are shared and debated. Through those actions, trust is developed which leads […]

Iowa Windmills

Returning to Iowa

As my rental truck trudged out of Astoria, New York, across the Gov. Christie-made famous George Washington Bridge and towards the West, a mix of excitement and fear cursed through my veins. I’m a young —nearly 31 — professional who just relocated back to Iowa from the energy and excitement of New York City. I […]