Iowa Wind Turbines

A Note to Iowa Legislators

Dear Iowa Legislators, Tomorrow will begin another year of your service to the people in your districts and the people of Iowa. It is another chance to work with your fellow members to make Iowa a better place to grow up, raise a family, and retire. In the last 12 months, I have gotten married […]


News: New egg hatchery expected to be operational by early 2016

Quad-City Business Journal: New egg hatchery expected to be operational by early 2016 Excerpt What comes first, the chicken or the egg? When the new Hy-Line North America plant in Wilton’s Industrial Park begins operations early in 2016, it will be the egg. “Tentatively, our first eggset is January 10th,” Ross Greenawalt, hatchery specialist for […]

Caucus Questions on Budget

The Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Omnibus Bill

I promise you this: I will not be silent and I will not sit down until our government starts to run the government efficiently. That means our elected officials must produce a budget that does one thing: reduces the federal deficit and edges towards reducing or at least stabilizing the growing and crippling debt. The […]

Gov. Christie at Waukee Town Hall

Our Caucus: Telling It Like It Is

As Iowans near February 1st and the Iowa Caucus, I’ve been covering my process as a first-time Caucus voter for The Des Moines Register in their Our Caucus series. Recently, I attended a town hall with Gov. Chris Christie. Living in New York City from 2011–2014, I got to “see” Christie up close. I was […]

Richard Dedor Statement

Statement: FDA Continues to Ban Gay Men From Donating Blood

DECEMBER 22, 2015, URBANDALE, IOWA — Political activist and host of the, “Renewing America’s Promise,” podcast Richard Dedor has released the following statement regarding the FDA’s updated rules on blood donations: “As expected, the Food and Drug Administration has decided to reject science and remain focused on decades-old fear in changing their donation ban from […]