Boston Strong

Boston Strong

At first I was sad as a fellow marathoner. Then I was sad as an American. On the afternoon of April 15, 2013, I was working at a small digital agency in New York City. I pulled up the news on a quick break and saw the breaking news of an explosion near the finish […]

Dale Christensen

Meet: Dale Christensen

Last month I had the opportunity to meet 2016 presidential candidate Dale Christensen in Dallas County, Iowa. Dale is a man full of convictions and I admire his entrance into the race. A few things about Dale are worth mentioning. First, he was educated both here and overseas (London). He has worked internationally and is […]

Experian Social Security

Where Social Security Works is Wrong

Recently, 115 of the 188 Democratic members of the House and 42 Democratic Senators voted to support expanding Social Security benefits. During the marathon budget “vote-a-rama,” two important Social Security amendments were offered. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) offered an amendment protecting all Americans against cuts to Social Security benefits. And around 2:30 in the morning, […]

George W. Bush

News: Where George W. Bush Was Right

The Washington Post: Where George W. Bush Was Right Excerpt: The fact that Bush’s administration so botched its remedy — regime change and occupation of Iraq — should not blind us to the fact that it accurately diagnosed the problem. The Arab world provides no easy answers, trapped as it is between repressive dictators and […]

US Capital

Chat with Richard: An Unneeded Law

Last week, Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed into law, SB 101, their version of the federal religious freedom law. There has been a firestorm of anger directed at Indiana including Angie’s List pulling out a business expansion costing the state 100 jobs and $40 million in investment. But why is this happening? The law itself […]