San Francisco Gay Blood Ban

News: SF Asks Feds to End Gay Blood Ban

via Breitbart News: San Francisco Presses Feds to End Ban on Gay Male Blood Donations Excerpt: In 1983, as the AIDS epidemic was raging, gays and bisexual men were banned from donating blood by the FDA. Now San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener has introduced a resolution to end the ban, and the city board is […]

another caption

Video: The First Gay NFL Player Provides Hope

As Michael Sam recently accepted the 2014 Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs, a sense of pride and honor came over me. I now live in a world where there is a gay NBA player, a gay MLS player, and a gay NFL player. Growing up, I didn’t have role models like that, and […]

War on Terror

Chat with Richard: The War on Terror

On the evening of September 11, 2001, the United States knew war was coming. We didn’t yet know against whom or how it would be fought and won, we just knew it was coming. By the end of the next week, that war had been given a name: The War on Terror. I was a […]

Rachel Maddow Show MH17

News: The History of Civilian Airline Tragedies

I have spoken and written about the tense and deadly situation in Ukraine over the past nine months, but with the downing of MH17 last week by presumably renegade forces in Eastern Ukraine, a new chapter in the world’s relationship with Ukraine and Russia appears to be imminent. Take a watch / listen to Rachel […]