Standing Together for Leadership

On Monday night, two Democratic members of Congress voted with the GOP on their bill to avoid a government shutdown. They are the democratic congressman Sean Patrick Maloney from New York and Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona. They both voted Aye on H.J. RES 59, which stated that the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act would […]

gay blood ban graphic

A Change is Needed

I’m gay. This is not news. I have a dear friend who is in need of a second bone-marrow transplant. I have long known that as a gay man, in this country I am unable to donate blood because I have had sex since 1977. Note: I was born in 1984. To my surprise, this […]

Fears Are Imaginary

This article is not about a wheelchair. And it is not about tennis. It is about self-motivation, improvement and simple decisions to eliminate invisible barriers. While Jamie Burdekin and Esther Vergeer’s stories are different, their lessons are quite similar. Jamie and Esther represent some of the best tennis talent on the planet. They are connected […]

Detroit’s Fear

With all the news of the sadness and hurt of Detroit, I was reminded of the TV commercial during the Super Bowl a few years ago starring Detroit and Clint Eastwood. Give it a watch and be reminded of how fear inhibits and inspires.

You Will Enjoy This Read

Latest Critical Acclaim for Running From Yourself “You will enjoy this read! You can use this absorbing book as a daily “inspirational moment” and read it over and over again. Richard has created an astonishing, captivating book about fear and living your life with passion. Each one of us has problems. Each one of us […]

A Challenge to Basic Human Instinct

Latest Critical Acclaim for Running From Yourself “With, Running From Yourself, Richard takes you on a journey, through a captivating piece blended with memorabilia and nostalgia – a coming of age and coming out story. Dedor challenges our basic human instinct to allow fear to take control by instead taking control of fear. As he […]