Mental Health

The Status of Mental Health in the US

While it is too early to make judgments on the missed opportunities, it appears that the recent shooting in Santa Barbara was, in fact, preventable. On ABC World News Tonight on the evening of May 24, they reported that the alleged killer in the shooting spree had recently spoken with police at the urging of […]

Federal Budget

The Difficulty of the Federal Budget Deficit

It is easy to arm chair the federal budget and ballooning deficit. put together an exercise that allows all of us to try to balance the budget. In my first pass, I focused on targeting areas of the federal budget that I am truly passionate about. The results were hard to stomach. I began […]

Gay Blood Ban

Global Update on Gay Blood Ban

I have been an avid and vocal proponent of a policy change in the United States on the blanket ban attached to gay men donating blood. And now according to Towleroad, South Africa has ended their ban, moving from a sexual orientation focus to a lifestyle focus. Article excerpt: “[...] anyone who has a new […]

ACLU Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Continues to Evolve

As is true with many issues in politics, my own opinion on medical marijuana has been an evolving viewpoint. This week I’m going to touch on two topics: medical marijuana and the recreational use of marijuana. Please keep in mind that my opinions continue to evolve and the latter deserves (and will receive) further debate […]

Nick Troiano at the Harvard Forum

A New Day in Politics

In the last two weeks, three candidates have been appearing in my Facebook news feed more and more and I believe they signal a rising tide of passionate, informed, dedicated, and ready public servants. The trifecta of Nick Troiano, Carl DeMaio, and Domenic Gelsomino, are candidates for a 21st Century world. Let’s start with Domenic […]