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FOCUS: Get Yourself Back

Selected Life Lesson Looking up to people is good, but not to the point where you lose yourself along the way. -Briana M’s Life Lesson from Olathe, Kansas Richard’s Thoughts… Your life is yours to live and

Experience the World Around You

I spend a lot of my time in and on social media. It still amazes me that a platform like Facebook that I joined because it was fun while in college (I still remember where I was

Book Review: Hitler

I know it sounds like an interesting book choice, but this book, Hitler, was well worth the read. It is definitely the definitive book on the life of Adolf Hitler.

FOCUS: … on Being You!

Selected Life Lesson Stay true to yourself no matter where you are or what the situation is. -Lindsey J’s Life Lesson from Olathe, Kansas Richard’s Thoughts… I learned something new over Christmas: I have not been myself.

I Will Not Like Myself

We live in a world of “likes“, “shares”, and “retweet.” And before I forget, be sure to like and tweet this article! This story from the Daily Dot last week got me angry. First of all, are

FOCUS: Active Listening

Selected Life Lesson Listen to what people are saying. -Stephanie’s Life Lesson from Des Moines, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… The backbone of Stephanie’s lesson is the concept of “active listening.” I speak about active listening in my FOCUS

How to Age Gracefully [Video]