Rachel Maddow Show MH17

News: The History of Civilian Airline Tragedies

I have spoken and written about the tense and deadly situation in Ukraine over the past nine months, but with the downing of MH17 last week by presumably renegade forces in Eastern Ukraine, a new chapter in the world’s relationship with Ukraine and Russia appears to be imminent. Take a watch / listen to Rachel […]

President Obama on Gun Control

Chat with Richard: The Facts of Gun Control

Gun control in the United States has always been a difficult and contentious issue. One one side are the gun rights advocates who cling tightly to their guns and on the other side are those that would love guns to be banned outright. The challenge is that there is plenty of middle ground, and instead […]

Blood Donations

News: More Voices to Change Gay Blood Ban

Across the country on July 11, there were dozens of blood drives to raise awareness of the current FDA-enforced “gay blood ban.” This effort has raised the profile of the issue even higher and hopefully the pressure will force the FDA to make much needed changes. Huffington Post: It’s Time to End the Gay Blood […]

Highway Trust Fund

Chat with Richard: Building a National Strategic Agenda

Meaningful work in Washington is hard to come by these days. The truly last piece of legislation that had any real impact was likely the budget deal put together by Congressman Paul Ryan and Senator Patty Murray. That was nearly seven months ago and our country needs some major reforms. We still have an education […]

We the People

White House Petition: End the FDA Gay Blood Ban

Call On HHS & The FDA To End Their Ban Against Gay & Bisexual Male Blood Donors The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) bans gay & bisexual men from donating blood. The current lifetime deferral focuses on sexual orientation & we are calling on the FDA to change its policy so that it focuses […]