Marathon Training

Busting My Ass

Nine days away. Can you believe it?! In nine days I will be running the streets of San Diego … for my life. Okay, so maybe not that dramatic, but I will be running hard and it is going to be the greatest challenge of my life. Even harder than running for office. After I […]

You’ve Been Fired. Now What?

Three weeks ago I was let go from my job. There I said it. Taking the stairs down for the last time was definitely an emotional experience. And as I stood in the lobby of our office building in the Flatiron District here in the big city, I held back my tears. But the first […]

13.1 is Only Half the Journey

Running was never my thing. I grew up playing little league baseball as every American boy is destined to do. I actually regret that I didn’t play longer. I long for the days to go and play catch with my dad and my brother. But I had a bad coach when I was 12 or […]

Injuries Are a Part of the Process

The journey to running a marathon has not been an easy one to say the least. In fact, after my half-marathon in 2011 I was worried that my running days were over. I took about a month off from running after that race and upon my return, about two miles in, my knee hurt so […]