President Obama signs myRA bill

myRA vs. a Roth IRA

In President Obama’s 2014 State of the Union, he introduced a new investment vehicle, the myRA. In this weekly video, I breakdown the myRY compared to the more known Roth IRA.

CitiGroup Taxes

The Death Tax

I was pleasantly surprised as I began to research this week’s video on the dreaded “death tax” or more officially name the Estate Tax. I thought that it was still a low threshold for money that you will pass on to your family that is taxes. Surprisingly, it is now over $5 million that you […]


The Gay Blood Ban

The ban on gay men donating blood is tragic and can be avoided. There are growing numbers of people out to overturn the ban, including Senator Elizabeth Warren and the group, Banned4Life.

The Kindness Commodity

This post first appeared on Medium. The value of kindness on the open market Growing up on the rolling hills of Iowa, I was constantly surrounded by kindness. It is a commodity that is in short supply in the concrete jungle that is New York City. This past weekend I spent hours walking the paths […]

Newsletter: Home Again

It’s trite in American politics — the idea of a “New Beginning” — and yet it is used by someone during every election cycle. Don’t stop reading! I’m not going to bore you with the tales of the election that has just past. Instead, I believe I will regale you with a short story about […]

How Glee Conquered Fear

Since Glee began five years ago, they have been a beacon for story-telling. Whether it was Kurt’s coming out, gay and straight relationships, school violence, family troubles, and now death, Glee has shown us humanity. They shattered the idea of fear and showed that the high school quarterback can be in the glee club; and […]