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The One Fact About Social Security You Can’t Miss

What is there to know about Social Security? A lot. And there is a lot of misinformation and hyperbole being shouted these days. But here is the one fact you need to know about Social Security. The combined Social Security trust funds are on pace to be 100% depleted by 2034. Tweet this Source: Committee […]


News: How to Fix High Poverty High Schools

Republic 3.0: How to Fix High Poverty High Schools Excerpt Among students from households in the bottom income quartile (those earning less than $34,160 a year), just 45 percent go on to college – and only 9 percent eventually earn a bachelor’s degree. Among students from households in the top quartile, in contrast, 82 percent […]


We Need to Protect Elephants

The situation grows more dire by the day. Every 15 minutes an elephant is killed in Africa for its ivory There are estimated to be less than 400,000 elephants remaining on the planet. China imports about 70% of the total ivory being traded on the black market; it is seen as a status symbol. We […]

CBO 2015 Debt Held by the Public

CBO 2015 Long-Term Budget Outlook

In late June, the Congressional Budget Office released their updated long-term budget outlook. This review only take into account current law as it is currently written and does not factor into it’s review any pending legislation, changes in administration, etc. It only focuses on the status of affairs at the current moment. (Review the full […]

New York Times

News: Where You Grow Up Matters

The New York Times: The Best and Worst Places to Grow Up: How Your Area Compares Excerpt Children who grow up in some places go on to earn much more than they would if they grew up elsewhere. Commentary This was a very insightful analysis about how where we come from plays into our future […]