Over the years, I have done quite a bit of writing that has found it’s way around the country and globe. Here is a sampling of where I’ve shared my passions and articles I have been quoted in.


Des Moines Register: A Better Iowa: Want to shape the future? You have to vote (7/21)
Des Moines Register: It’s time to erase stigma of Alzheimer’s, dementia (6/8)
250Y: Iowa is an Energy Leader (5/13)
Des Moines Register: Iowa became a ‘home’ worth fighting for (2/22)
Des Moines Register: Why the Budget is my No. 1 Issue (1/31)


Des Moines Register: Richard Dedor: Fix our federal budget to move forward (12/13)
Globe Gazette: Op Ed: Millennials Should Press on Debt Question (8/19)
Republic 3.0: The Silent Center and the Failure of Leadership (5)
Buzzfeed: The Millennials Are Coming To Washington (3/28)
Republic 3.0: It’s Debt Ceiling Déjà Vu All Over Again (3)


Medium: How Joe Scarborough Can Become President (4/1)
Buzzfeed: The Gay Blood Ban Still Exists. Really. (3/26)
Critical Financial: Meet The Government Sponsored Retirement Account-MyRA (3/24)


Medium: Gay Men Can Save Your Life (12/8)
Medium: How I Beat the Dow Jones as a 29 Year Old (11/16)
Medium: The Kindness Commodity (11/11)
Buzzfeed: 21 Reasons America Gives Me Hope (11/5)


Agency Post: View all my articles
Life Without Pants: The Inconvenience of Change (eBook, free pdf)
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Sports ‘n Spokes Magazine: 2009 USTA US Open – cover story (story, pdf)
CIO.com: 5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Campaigns
Pick The Brain: 4 Ways to Hack Your Way Through the Holidays
RSi Magazine: How Facebook Can Grow Your Business
Simple Productivity Blog: Creating the Perfect Week
Accentuate the “Positive”: ASAE Career HQ
ROYNATION Episode #52: Gay Conservatives – USA Style!
Dice: The Career Hub for Tech: 14 “Must-Adopt” Recruiting Techniques for Hiring Millennials

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