Running From Yourself

Transforming Fear Into Courage

Running From Yourself, by Richard Dedor

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Never before has the concept of fear been so amplified that while you read this book, you will start to see your own life through the lens of fear. Through insightful qualitative research and detailed quantitative numbers, it is clear that no matter where you are at this very moment, you are here because of choices you have made.

In life it isn’t usually one big momentous stop-the-press event that changes the course you are on. Rather, there are small moments and incremental changes that slowly take you down a new road until you don’t even know how you got there. In order to know what you want to be possible in your life, you first have to find out how we got here. And fear is the largest barrier to your own happiness and success.

Are you going to live in fear of the unknown, or live to fight the good fight for your life? I believe you know the answer to that question.

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We all have fears and for some reason, we have allowed fear to co-opt our lives. That ends now.

This book, Running From Yourself: Transforming Fear Into Courage, is a testament to those who have defeated fear and paved the way for you.

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