Over the years, I have done quite a bit of writing that has found it’s way around the country and globe. Here is a sampling of where I’ve shared my passions and articles I have been quoted in.


Globe Gazette: Op Ed: Millennials Should Press on Debt Question (8/19)

Republic 3.0

The Silent Center and the Failure of Leadership | Also appeared in: InsideSources
It’s Debt Ceiling Déjà Vu All Over Again | Also appeared in: InsideSources


The Millennials Are Coming To Washington
The Gay Blood Ban Still Exists. Really.
21 Reasons America Gives Me Hope


How Joe Scarborough Can Become President
Gay Men Can Save Your Life
The Kindness Commodity
How I Beat the Dow Jones as a 29 Year Old

Critical Financial

Meet The Government Sponsored Retirement Account-MyRA

Motivational Memo

Five Ways To Boost Your Productivity

Dumb Little Man

How to Live the Jim Valvano Life in 10 Minutes Each Day

Under 30 Finance

Finance Story: Four Investment Tips As You Start Your First Job
Finance Story: 3 Easy Steps to a Balanced Budget

Life Without Pants

The Inconvenience of Change (eBook, free pdf)

Primer Magazine

I write on topics related to personal management, including time, stress, life and finances. Oh, and I have fun and random articles on occasion too.

View all my articles

The Community Manager

I write on the area of managing online communities on Facebook and Twitter and the tactics to be better and more productive.

View all my articles

Sports ‘n Spokes Magazine

2009 USTA US Open – cover story (story, pdf)

Agency Post

4 Marketing Strengths Salespeople Should Tap Into to Sell More, Faster
3 Takeaways from Running Social Advertising Campaigns
Managing a Social Media Crisis: What Sandy Hook Has Taught Us About Social Media Management
3 Ways to Fix Your Agency’s Brainstorming Process
Social Isn’t Just About Being Cool — It’s About Being Present
Building Real Word of Mouth
How to Create a Great, Non-Viral Campaign


An Introduction to Vine
Top 5 Cause-Related Pinterest Boards
Facebook Makes Content King in News Feed Update
My Fav App: Feedly

Other Publications – 5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Campaigns

Pick The Brain – 4 Ways to Hack Your Way Through the Holidays

RSi Magazine – How Facebook Can Grow Your Business

Simple Productivity Blog – Creating the Perfect Week

My Contributions

Accentuate the “Positive” – ASAE Career HQ

ROYNATION Episode #52 – Gay Conservatives – USA Style!

Dice: The Career Hub for Tech – 14 “Must-Adopt” Recruiting Techniques for Hiring Millennials

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