Life To Do List


1. Fly first class
2. Attend a Presidential Inauguration
3. Sell a painting (Sold “7th Heaven”, March 28, 2013)
4. Write a full-length novel (In Pain, 2010)
5. Publish a book (Anything is Possible, Jan 2010)
6. Publish a book (not self-published)
7. Publish a novel
8. Have a book signing (February 27, 2010, CoffeeCat in Mason City, Iowa)
9. Produce a clothing line
10. Skydive
11. Host a formal dinner party
12. Give a keynote address (Rockhurst University on April 27, 2008)
13. Play in the National Olympics
14. Play in the US Open Section Qualifier
15. Play Asitha in tennis (October 8, 2011)
16. Deliver a eulogy
17. Own a house
18. Have my parents attend my wedding
19. See the Stanley Cup
20. Camp outside
21. Start my own company (Completed June 2007)
22. Paint a self-portrait
23. Ride RAGBRI
24. Give commencement speech (Completed May 2002)
25. Run a half-marathon (Completed March 20, 2011)
26. Run a full marathon (Completed June 3, 2012)
27. Own a farm
28. Get a hole-in-one in golf
29. Play a links golf course (preferably in Scotland)


30. Set foot in all four oceans
-Atlantic (Completed July 2004)
-Pacific (Completed May 2006)

31. Visit all seven continents
-North America (obviously completed)
-South America

32. Visit (actual locations):
-Gettysburg Battlefield
-D-Day Battlefield
-Auschwitz/Holocaust Camp
-Cape Canaveral
-President Reagan Library
-9/11 Memorial (Completed July 2013)
-Oklahoma City Memorial (Completed August 2008)
-Independence Hall
-Fenway Park
-Monk’s Restaurant, from Seinfeld (July 2011)
-Soup Nazi Restaurant, from Seinfeld (July 2011)

33. Visit (Places):
-Sri Lanka
-South Africa

34. Touch a pyramid in Egypt
35. Eat chocolates in Germany
36. Have a picnic under the Eiffel Tower
37. Take the picture with the Leaning Tower of Pisa
38. See the Mona Lisa
39. Lay on the beach in Sri Lanka
40. See the Sistine Chapel
41. Visit St. Peter’s Basilica
42. See the David (Galleria dell’Accademia, Florence)
43. Have a picture drawn of me while in Europe
44. Walk the streets of Paris
45. Ice Skate in Rockefeller Plaza
46. Touch the Berlin Wall
47. Drink wine in a vineyard in Italy
48. Attending the following events
-US Open (tennis) (Completed September 2007)
-US Open (golf)
-The Masters
-The Super Bowl
-Australian Open
-French Open
-A White Tie event
-An evening gala fundraiser
-Hogmanay in Edinburgh, Scotland

49. Backpack through the Rocky Mountains
50. Backpack through New Zealand
51. Have Baklava in Greece
52. Have Vegemite in Australia
53. Run in Central Park (Ran with Andrew Feldman – March 13, 2011)
54. Attend a show on Broadway (Saw The Normal Heart – April 2011)
55. Attend a show at the Kodak Theatre
56. Smoke an authentic Cuban cigar