Critical Acclaim

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“Loved the book! Great awakening to how we really can just find that little motivation to get over those speedbumps that have held us back for so long. Definitely a book to read over and over again until we start to repeat these messages daily! Then we all can truly help others around us and spread this great message!”
-Danny Higgins

“I definitely have started to reevaluate my journey in life rather than worrying about the destination. I think I am a pretty positive person but definitely have more room to bring positive energy to any situation that I am in. I am definitely buying a few copies to give as presents when I get back to school.”
-Henry Wang

“I completed your book the other day on a trip. What a positive outlook on life! I think a lot of times we lose that motivation and drive to achieve after we get out of a structured school environment. Your book was completely inspiring to me! I am going to sit down and plot out my life’s to do list. I loved all of your anecdotal stories from your own life and also of Mason City. It took me back to my days at MCHS when I did really believe ‘anything was possible.’ Thank you for helping me see that it is never too late to live out your dreams; and for writing such a motivational book!”
– Elizabeth Helps

“Just finished reading “Anything is Possible” by my friend Richard Dedor. Today I vow to start living my life for me and working on “eliminating not.” Anything is Possible: You can always change your course. :)”
– Robert Burrett

“Great motivational read!! Good work Richard!”
– BetteJo Andolino Becker

“A wonderful, inspiring, motivational book!”
– Janet Slimak, Program Director of Continuing Education

“An excellent resource … read this book and watch your doubts disappear.”
– Sam Davidson, author of “New Day Revolution: How to Save the World in 24 Hours”

I was on vacation last week (living like a kid, loving every moment) and had the opportunity to finish your book. It was great using real life situations to bring your point home.
– Mary Hamiel

– Cailan John Sockness

I’ve had your book since Friday and my mom has already read through it. She loved it and it made her rethink some things!
– Danny Higgins