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Critical Acclaim

Born out of the passionate vision of its author, Richard Dedor turns a simple statement into a way of life. Turning passion into action is, after all, what most people in this world struggle with the most. It is oftentimes difficult to focus on the things in this world that bring us the most joy. Upon mustering the courage to embrace the philosophies of this book, you will begin to see how turning passion into action can be accomplished.

In Anything is Possible, Richard pushes you through the process of giving up “routine junkie” attitudes and encourages a commitment to examining what it means to “live”. Through vivid examples and hands-on analytical reflections, you will dive into your own life’s purpose. Embrace the essence of life. What brings happiness? What brings discouragement?

By seeking answers to seemingly basic questions, this book will help you decode the messages of the heart and give you the tools to face today to run passion into purpose. Most importantly, you will find the motivation, the support and the personal power to take life from mundane to marvelous.

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