Op Ed: Want to shape the future? You have to vote

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A Better Iowa: Want to shape the future? You have to vote

A few weeks ago I saw a tweet, “The more we opt out, the greater control we hand over to everyone else […]”, and it rang true to how I feel about not only my own generation, but all generations.

If we only needed an example of every vote counting, look across the pond to our friends and their recent Brexit vote. Or the presidential election of 2000. Or any number of local elections that turned on a handful of votes.

One of the most wonderful outcomes of the Declaration of Independence and our continued fight to maintain the vision of our Founders, is that we can effect that change. Whether it is in our vision for the country as a whole, or the vision of our state or local counties and cities. We wield tremendous and overwhelming power with our votes, and that should not be taken lightly.

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