FOCUS: Start Marching!

Selected Life Lesson
I learn that in order to make things better, they must first get worse.
-Terina P’s Life Lesson from Osawatomie, Kansas

Richard’s Thoughts…
Without a doubt, Terina is correct. It’s the old cliche that you have to hit the valley to be able to not only reach the mountain-top, but also to enjoy and express your gratitude. This past year has been like that for me.

From being let go, to running the marathon, I have had very low, lows and very high, highs. Life is a lot like a glacier. It can be slow-moving and cold. But then, one day, the sun comes around and begins to melt the ice that has been holding back the beauty of life. Then the grass starts to grow, the birds start to sing and life blossoms.

It sounds a lot like a Hollywood movie, and it is, but it isn’t. It is how life can go when you embrace and understand that bad stuff happens … to everyone. It’s a matter of wading through the valleys, the darkness, to truly embrace and enjoy the mountains ahead. Start marching.

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