FOCUS: Power of Passion!

Selected Life Lesson
In order to meet my passions, I must start saying, “no” to the things I am less passionate about.
-LaRi L’s Life Lesson from Kansas City, Missouri

Richard’s Thoughts…
Last week marked the return of two things to my life: speaking and running. This fall for me has been extremely busy and stressful, but I have to say, I am starting to re-take control of my life.

Last week I spoke at the Nonprofit Human Resources Conference and I’ll be up in Springfield, Massachusetts, in a few weeks presenting at a diversity workshop. I must say: It feels great! That is the power of knowing what you are passionate about. Once I realized that – understood the passion running through me – I made my life about that. Sadly, I lost it.

But it’s back. And so am I. Look out. Dreams are being created. Passions are flowing. What’s yours? What can happen by writing it down or telling your best friend about it? Imagine the possibilities

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