FOCUS: Be Present

Selected Life Lesson
Live in the moment. The past and the future
are nothing more than thoughts.
-Janelle D’s Life Lesson from Baltimore, Maryland

Richard’s Thoughts…
This week I had the good fortune to meet Jennifer and her fellow human resource professionals at the Nonprofit Human Resource Conference in our nation’s capital.

It was the first professional speech I’d given in awhile and I wasn’t sure how my strong my nerves would be, but remarkably, I was pretty calm. The most stressful moment was when I couldn’t get my laptop to behave the way I wanted it to. But the point is, the past was gone and I couldn’t do anything about the upcoming presentations or the long train ride I had ahead of me. I was in the moment.

And I personally have to remind myself of Janelle’s lesson. It’s about this one moment, and for one day in October, I had the great fortune to spend 90 minutes with a great group of professionals.
I urge you to remember that on this day: Be present.

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