FOCUS: Never Assume!

Selected Life Lesson
Never assume.
-Sally F’s Life Lesson from Mt. Vernon, Iowa

Richard’s Thoughts…
We all know this lesson to be true, and yet, we all can (and do) fall victim to it. Think back on the last four days … can you think of a time you assumed something?

Perhaps you assumed that someone would put the dishes away because they were there and they were dry. Or perhaps you assumed someone would get the report to the client because they had the last time? Or perhaps you just assumed that success is inevitable just because you work hard?

Well, assuming is bad. For everyone. I try very hard to be black-and-white in my life. If I need something, I tell you. I try to make it clear to those in my life that if they need something from me, they need to also be black-and-white. I don’t have the time or energy to read minds and I am not about to assume what you do and don’t need. So, tell me, what do you need?

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