I Am a Proud Conservative

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Proud Conservative

I don’t talk about politics a lot here on my blog. Mostly out of choice that when I talk politics, I want it to be issue based, not emotional and if I’m sitting down to write about politics, it usually means I’m emotional about it. It has happened before with flip-flopping, social security and other issues as well.

But here is the thing: I am a conservative. I’m not registered with any party. Why? A few reasons.

  • I am not a Republican (as it is defined in today’s world).
  • I am not a Democrat.
  • I am not a Libertarian.
  • I am not a Tea Partier (even if I do love tea any day of the week).

I say it again, I am a proud conservative. Without getting into policy and alienating my readers, I believe in small government. I believe a government should do a few things really well. I mean, REALLY well.

Take Facebook for instance. They helped us build (and in some cases, re-build) our networks. The world is social and Mark Zuckerberg knew that and created a platform for us to be more social. They do that really well. Selling advertising and games, they aren’t the best.

The same goes for Microsoft. They made a great video gaming system. But they made a horrible music player.

That’s how I view government. I believe they should focus on defense, education, environment and perhaps even throw in health. Of course, we would still have the interior and the commerce and veteran’s affairs departments. But in my opinion, we don’t need many arms of government programs.

I am a staunch believer in radical reform of Social Security. Why? First of all, in it’s current form, it will not work for me. Secondly, it is a levied tax not used for government operations. It is a mandated retirement plan that I have no control over. Legal or not, I want control over my future. To me, in my conservative viewpoint, is going to be forced to put money in, I should have a say as to what happens to it.

My point in writing this political post, even though a part of me says I shouldn’t, is that I am a conservative. I don’t want labels on me or anyone, because they box us in. Signing pledges and saying you will “never raise taxes” or “never privatize social security” puts you in a no-win box.

I stand on issues, not rhetoric. And we’re going to hear a lot of rhetoric in the coming weeks. Don’t listen to it. Do your own research and be who you are.

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