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Selected Life Lesson
I learned that grades aren’t the definition of my outcomes in eduction.
-Teresa E’s Life Lesson from Wichita, Kansas

Richard’s Thoughts…
Many of my subscribers are either students or work in the education field and it is “back to school” season! For someone like me who is no longer involved in “formal” education, my schooling never ends, and yours shouldn’t either.

In fact, this year, I’ve had some tough lessons including loosing a full-time job. What grade do I give the past eight months? I’ll say a B-. I’ve learned a lot and made some mistakes. But I also know, that despite the grade and the setbacks, I am going to keep reaching for the stars. There is no other option for my life – and there shouldn’t be other options for yours either.

Education is all about learning and I come from the belief that anything is possible! So as the school-year gets back underway for millions, remember to try to learn something new every single day. Don’t worry about the grades because you’re going to fail more than you succeed … the key is getting back up again, picking up the book and embracing the challenge.

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