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Do not apologize for who you are. When you do, you destroy yourself. It has taken me 28.5 years to even begin to understand that concept, and it will probably take me 28.5 more years to perfect this idea.

Former president Richard M. Nixon started to say it:

“Always remember that others may hate you but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself.”

You can change the quote by one word to change the meaning:

“Always remember that other may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate yourself. And then you destroy yourself.”

See the change, and the profound impact it has? That is how important unconditionally love is for yourself.

You have to be who you are. You can’t be anyone else. You were brought into this world to be you. No one else.

If you are Christian, be Christian.
If you are a musician, sing to your hearts content.
If you are a chef, get in the kitchen and cook. (I love Italian and chicken.)
If you are an athlete, get in the gym.

Importance of Love
You can not derive value from the love of others until you love yourself. That’s where the Nixon quote comes into play. You have to love yourself for all your beauty and blemishes.

What is a blemish of mine? My receding hair-line. Sure, it’s embarrassing, but in recent months, I have grown to love it to the point where I get to make fun of this characteristic of mine.

What is a beauty of mine? I like to think my politics are a beauty. I don’t hold fast to one party; and certainly not in this climate. I’m an issues guy and will always strive to be that.

Be Unconditional
You will always be on your own personal journey, and only you can do that. But others can help you along the way. I love to help!

And the important thing is owning who you are. You have to live your own truth, faults and all. Make your goals public. The same goes for your failures. Own your life and be unconditional about who you are and what you want. You’ll be amazed at what happens next.

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