FOCUS: Be Respectful of You!

Selected Life Lesson
Being over critical of yourself brings nothing but bad feelings.
Self-respect takes you further than you can imagine.
-Samantha P’s Life Lesson from Olathe, Kansas

Richard’s Thoughts…
Watch a child. If you don’t have one, watch one next time you’re shopping or at church or your local PTA meeting. Children just love to live. They are as alive as any human beings on the planet. Sure, the guy driving down Santa Monica Blvd. in their sports car feels alive, but are they really?

Adults can be the most critical people on the planet, and even more so of themselves. But when we are over critical of ourselves, we limit what is possible in our lives. And when we limit what is possible, we eliminate opportunity. And when we eliminate opportunity, we get stuck and we shrink from our passions.

Your task for the next seven days is to focus on only saying positive things to yourself.
You will be amazed at what becomes possible when you do.

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