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A few weeks ago, Facebook had their much-touted IPO. For the record, I did not buy in … yet. I was not ready to be that vulnerable. Life is just like the stock market too. We have peaks and valleys, good years and bad years. The past 12 months have probably been one of the biggest roller-coaster I have ever experience.

I was recently fired. Yes, you read that right. It’s been a crazy month since then. But what I found when I finally told my friends three weeks later, was how common it has been in the lives of my friends. Many people said they too had been fired once before.

When I uprooted my life from the Midwest to New York City, I knew there would be risks. And sure, there were high points. I tried out to be a US Open Ball Person. That was and will remain quite the experience! Then I went to the US Open and watched how much work it actually was … quietly thankful I did not get chosen!

“I know that vulnerability is kind of the core of shame and fear
and our struggle for worthiness, but it appears that it’s also the
birthplace of joy of creativity of belonging of love.”
Brene Brown (TED Speech)

A recent study by McAfee was reported on the Manufacturing Business Technology that said that nearly 25% of companies were vulnerable to data breaches. It got me thinking about us and our lives.

A Life Data Breach
How many times have you checked your e-mail today? Think about it. I’m just as guilty. I’m still trying to figure out how to manage my day now that I work from home.

Life is where we are vulnerable. It is where we can lose control if – for just one second – we take our eyes off the ball. When you don’t control the time in your life, you leave yourself open for attack.

Ernst & Young recently released their Productivity Pulse survey which was created from 1200 New Zealand participants, and it showed that up to 21% of employees’ days are wasted. The biggest waste? E-mail. This waste costs an estimated $19 billion in New Zealand alone.

When Vulnerability is Good
The point of this newsletter is to promote vulnerability. It is a great thing! There is an old saying that you can’t sail a boat without leaving the shore (or something like that). The same goes for living your life and growing your business. You have to set sail and be vulnerable to storms, waves, rain, wind and everything else!

It’s like a tennis player deciding to run a marathon. It’s like an 18 year old deciding to run for office. It’s writing a book.

I wish I could say that you won’t get hurt. But you know better. You will. When I announced that I was indeed a candidate for Mayor of Mason City, I truly thought I was going to win. But the God’s of political fortune had another plan for me. But I fought hard. I endured the late night phone calls and crazy e-mails that came through. I thought about dropping out around Christmas. Our house got egged. But through that vulnerability, I was hired to give my first paid speech up in Osage, Iowa.

Go and be vulnerable. Push away from the shore. See the stars. Miss the goal, but leave your mark.

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