FOCUS: Go Do It!

Selected Life Lesson
Do it now. You may never have another chance.
-Rob P’s Life Lesson from Arlington Heights, Illinois

Richard’s Thoughts…
I DID IT! I put the goal out there and then went and did it. It was not easy, but four days ago, I ventured out with the sun in beautiful San Diego to tackle 26.2 miles; a marathon.

I really never thought I would be able to say it, but I, Richard Dedor, am a marathoner. It’s like when someone because a Super Bowl champion, or wins an Olympic gold medal, that title and the honor bestowed because of that achievement goes with them wherever they go.

And the same goes for any dream you chase. Be true to who you are and you can’t go wrong. I am a “dream chaser” and I ran this one down. My body tells me to never do that again, and so I wear my medal with pride, knowing that I did it. What do you need to go do?

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