FOCUS: Play Hard!

Selected Life Lesson
Life is too short. Embrace the ones close to you. Play hard and make the most out of it.
-Kendra O’s Life Lesson from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Richard’s Thoughts…
There are two lessons on this weekly Life Lesson. First is to embrace the ones close to you. I have written about love a lot and even made a video about it. The lesson I really want to talk about this week is the second part: making the most out of life.

When I wrote Anything is Possible, the longest race I had ever run was a four-mile charity run. I had not run my half-marathon and I had certainly barely even considered running a full marathon. But here I am, three days away from lacing up for the longest run of my life: 26.2 miles.

Tomorrow, I am on my way to San Diego. It is going to be painful and long. It will be challenging but also gratifying. I am sure I will hurt for days, even weeks afterwards, but with my family there (and my best friend) I will not only be embracing those I love, but also making the most out of life.

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