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I was not born a runner. When it comes to athletics, I’m not quite sure what I was born, but I started as a baseball player and transformed into a pretty decent tennis player. After my back injury, I had to find something new. I picked running. And so I ran, and ran, and ran some more. All told, I’m a bit of 1,000 miles and that is just the runs I have tracked. The first year of running I didn’t use a tracking system.

When I first started running, it was quite the struggle. I couldn’t run very far even though it felt like I was running far.

running track

As I began my final semester of college in the fall of 2005, I had been working out pretty regularly for nine months and I decided that my goal for the semester would be to be able to run five miles straight through before I graduated. It was a very slow process.

Remember how hard it was to run the mile in middle and high school? It was brutal. Four laps around that track! Are you kidding me?

But at my school’s indoor track at the recreation center, five miles required 45 laps.That is a lot of circles to nowhere.

The start of chasing the goal was simply figuring out what I actually wanted. Then it was about making it happen. That required me to run and run and run. A little bit more each and every week. It’s the same way I trained for my half-marathon and the full marathon I am tackling next weekend.

It is the same thing for anything you decide you want to do.

You figure out what you want,
make a plan and execute against it.

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