Busting My Ass

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Marathon Training

Nine days away. Can you believe it?! In nine days I will be running the streets of San Diego … for my life. Okay, so maybe not that dramatic, but I will be running hard and it is going to be the greatest challenge of my life. Even harder than running for office.

After I ran my half-marathon in March 2011 I pulled back on my running just to give my body a rest. As I’ve said before, my body is not a runner’s body. I was built for tennis. But in the past five years, I have definitely changed my build, but that doesn’t change the fact that I have encountered a hurt back, IT Band Syndrome and have had to bust my ass through terrible weather in order to train.

But that is the beauty of what is going to happen in nine days.

It is that the training has not been perfect. But anything worth getting takes work, right?

Just take a look at this schedule so you can begin to understand the commitment required to do this.

For a six mile run, here is what it takes.

  • The run itself will take about 57 minutes. But let’s just say an hour due to stoplights and stop signs.
  • Then I usually walk for five minutes to cool down.
  • Back at my apartment, I sit and stretch and let my heart-rate come down for about 20 minutes.
  • At that point, I either eat or shower. That really depends on the time of day and when I last ate. But the shower takes ten minutes.
  • Eating takes 20.

That amounts to one hour and 55 minutes. On days where the run is longer, just add in the time of 10 minutes a mile for math’s sake.

And this was my program. There are other marathon training programs that have you running five days a week! But I knew before I began to train for this that that amount of running would not be possible due to my past injuries.

Imagine running five days a week and the time commitment that requires. It’s beyond insane. It basically becomes your life. And it has. And while I am eager to get some time back to myself, it has been worth it.

You have to work hard to get what you want. You just have to want it bad enough.

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