FOCUS: Life Happens!

Selected Life Lesson
Learn to not put blame myself for the mistakes of others.
-Pat M’s Life Lesson from Palo, Iowa

Richard’s Thoughts…
Life happens. I have been telling myself that for the past 15 days and at times, it has not been easy. But I try to remind myself: life happens.

Sometimes you land the plumb job and sometimes you don’t get picked to be the star. Sometimes you win the big game or the big contract and sometimes the contract is swiped at the last minute. We have all been there. You win some and you lose some. But at the end of the job, at the end of the contract, at the end of the game, you as a person have to believe that you did all you could to find success, and then peace.

If someone else makes a mistake, remember that you make them too. We are all human and life happens.

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