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What possesses someone to do something hard? I find that to be an interesting question. Is it the desire to be the best? Or perhaps it is the desire to simply take on a challenge and do something amazing that either they or no one though was possible.

Whatever it is that drives to take on tough challenges, we do it. And we do it a lot. We decide to write a book. And write another. Oh, and write another. Sometimes we even decide to run for office … as a teenager!

We, Americans, have something in our blood to make us want to reach for the stars. We want to win the Super Bowl and go to Disney World. We want to go to the moon. We want to become President of the United States. We are told to dream big and aim for the moon.

It is in our DNA to work hard and try to make something of ourselves. People have the same attitude as startups possess. We bootstrap. We do what it takes to build a life; to go after our dreams. It certainly does not deter us that only 41 different men have become Super Bowl MVP. And only 12 men have stepped foot on the moon. Nor does it deter us that only 43 people, all men, have taken the Presidential Oath.

To my women readers, I chose those three successes to make a point: you have to be extra determined to crack the glass of this ceiling. As a male, I don’t know how real any of it is anymore, and that is really not the point today.

The point is to remind you that for anything you really want in life, it needs to remain at the center of everything you do and everything you dream. You have to have that determination to put your heart and soul into something even if no one in your life is supportive of your endeavor. That is determination.

It is lacing up your shoes to go running on a track with three inches of snow on in the blistering cold. It’s like the US Post Office’s motto:

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

Determination is all about going, going hard and not stopping.

In 25 days, I will lace up my shoes for the longest run and greatest physical challenge of my life. I will cross that finish line. I am determined to be the first person in my family to accomplish this feet. But mostly, I am doing it for me. To prove that I can. To prove that having dedication towards a goal that even a year ago seemed impossible. And then to show the world that someone who was never a runner, hated running, and has an injured foot, can accomplish 26.2 unholy miles.

It is time to take your idea, determine you want it and let no one stop you!

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  1. I know you can do it, the 26.2 miles, Richard!
    You are blessed and you will be blessed.
    Learning from you, it’s that everyday decision / commitment that got you to this point.
    I think you are the best!!
    You walk the talk!
    Andrea S. Walshauser

    • Thanks so much Andrea! :) I’m going to try to run the talk in 24 days! ;)

      I’ll be posting soon about how to track my progress on race day! Keep going towards your dreams!

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