You Have a New E-Mail, Sigh

We all get a lot of email. Just take a look at the stats below.

This chart shows when I get my emails and when I send my emails. First, let’s take a look at when I get them. I usually try to go to bed with as close to zero e-mails that need action. Some days are better than others, but by the time I wake up at 7 a.m., my inbox is already full again. And it continues to get worse throughout the day. I like to take care of e-mails by 10 a.m., try to keep up throughout the day and then close it out by midnight.

This is the first month I’ve been able to get these amazing stats and I can promise you, my habits are going to change. I have already unsubscribed to one e-mail list which will hardly create a dent, but it is needed. 1747 emails over 30 days? Really? That amounts to an average of 58 e-mails a day. Now, I know that is nothing compared to some major players, but that is still quite a bit.

I have written a lot about e-mail management in the past and it is still something I am super passionate about.I am always trying to come up with a better system, a new time to check and respond. I’m not sure there is a perfect one out there, but I am willing to try and find it.

How do you control (or try to control) your inbox?

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