FOCUS: Trembling Legs!

Selected Life Lesson
I’ve learned how to be less shy. I had to give a speech in front of the whole school
and my legs were trembling. Now I have more confidence about myself.
-Anonymous Life Lesson from Olathe, Kansas

Richard’s Thoughts…
As a speaker I know just what this lesson is talking about. In fact, I asked my mentor if she still gets nervous when getting up in front of an audience. She did not hesitate to say, “Yes!” That helped reassure me that I was not in the wrong business.

I have a belief: If you are not nervous before doing something you are passionate about, perhaps it is time to change your passion and start chasing a different dream. It’s funny to think about because I know that I still get nervous walking onto a tennis court. It’s the fear of the unknown. With tennis, it is not even about the winning and the losing … it is that I have no idea how any of it will play out!

And life can be that way too. But you’re living it. You’re in it. Sure, there are nervous moments. And scary moments. And stressful moments. (And even more stressful moments.) But even with trembling legs, you can overcome your fears and achieve your dreams.

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