Be Defiant

When was the last time you made a statement? In this city – The Big Apple – sometimes it can be hard to make a statement simply because everyone seems to be trying to make a statement.

That’s why I love Rick’s quote so much. It is true. I know a guy, Andrew @ARFeldman who is known throughout the USTA as the guy who wears bow-ties to meetings. I know a fellow speaker who wears orange ties and socks.

Life it too short to worry about what other people think. It’s why I love that having an iPhone simply because other people have an iPhone doesn’t get to me. Now, I do believe I will be changing only because my current smartphone has been having issues, and part of my life nearly requires to have an iPhone.

But I also don’t do the things I do in life to stand-out. Sure, when it comes to my business (and this blog), I want to stand out, but me as a person, I don’t want to stand out. I just want to be. I want my actual actions to speak for me.

What is important to you? Fitting in or being you?

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