Time To Go After 26.2

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What a sight: Standing on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan last week with the sun brightening the pristine blue sky and lighting the path for the 47,000+ runners below. The day was what the word perfect was created for and what the word embodies. Around 1:00p.m., my friends’ family and friends arrived and a quick chat ensued. You see, I was there to support my friend Patrick (@PatrickCourtney), a guy I met when I was only five and had just moved to Iowa.

My childhood friend, Patrick, with his ING NYC Marathon Medal.

It is quite the story that 20 years later, we both would end up in New York City. But life has a way of always working out and this race was another reason I believe in life and all it’s wonders.

So, there we stood on Fifth Avenue as his wife watched her iPhone track Patrick’s progress towards. First it was 10 blocks away. Then two. Then we saw him. And he had a smile on his face.

It surprised me, but then as I thought about it as he ran away, perhaps he had the smile on his face because he saw his bride jumping up and down as he approached. Or perhaps it was his family and friends cheering him on and a neon orange sign with orange glitter showing their support. Or maybe it was simply that he was at mile 22, with 4.2 to go. Whatever it was, there he was, smiling.

I’m so proud of him and what he has accomplished and it inspires me as my own journey begins. My date with destiny is June 3, 2012, San Diego.

Time will tell – 200 days to be exact – whether or not I am smiling as I reach mile 22, but as I’m running on that day, I know I will think back to this day in November, when I watched 47,000 people accomplish the impossible.

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  1. Thank you for coming out to support me, Richard. It meant a lot to me and of course my family were excited to see you again.

    Good luck on your training, keep me posted. I don’t have all the answers to running a marathon, but I can certainly relate to the challenges!

    • Thanks Patrick! It was definitely great to see the family, but also see how the race worked! Now I just have to do it!

      I think I’m going to keep people updated here in a special section on the training … and the accomplishment (fingers crossed)! Cheers mate!

    • I’m definitely nervous about it all … as my knees already hate me. But I’m going to be smart about training. Plus, I’m doing it with my best friend which will add an element of enjoyment to the whole thing. Any advice?

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