FOCUS: Take a Chance! v4n18

Selected Life Lesson
Taking a chance changes your life. It is the attempt that matters!
Almitra B’s Life Lesson from Blue Springs, Missouri

Richard’s Thoughts…
I’ve written a lot in these weekly messages and on my blog about my move to New York City and Almitra’s Life Lesson today speaks again to this personal journey I am on. I took a chance when I moved here. And you know what? I’m glad I did!

Who would have guessed that in this move I would have found what I was looking for? Who would have known that I would have met great friends? Who would have known that I would be building a new product with my friend Caleb that will soon be announced? And who would have known that I would also launch my long-awaited life coaching program?

That’s why taking chances is so great! You never know what the end result will be, but if you don’t try, you will never know and always wonder. Life is too short and too beautiful to wonder. Stop wondering and take that chance you’ve been dreaming of.

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