My Minimalist Lifestyle

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A lot has been written and made of this “minimalist” lifestyle over the last two years. I have met people in person and online who say they are “minimalists.” It is, in a nutshell when you can fit everything own in a few boxes and suitcases. But it is in my opinion a little excessive. It makes sense if you are living a digital nomad lifestyle or constantly traveling, what is another T-shirt or pair of jeans? But if you are neither of those things, a completely minimalist lifestyle doesn’t jive with me. (If I’m offending you, feel free to jump into the comments and let me know your thoughts!) But my idea of “minimalism” is not built around an absence of “stuff.” Rather, my style is an understanding of “stuff” and its place in your life. There is a profound difference. My friend, Sam Davidson came out with a book last fall that details 50 things all our lives could do without. What does my minimalist life look like? I don’t have cable. I got rid of it in January and now only pay for internet (at home and on my phone). With Hulu, I have the ability to watch almost all the shows I normally would, just at a different time. The only drawback is live sporting events, but I either deal with it, or have found a work-around. Read it & recycle it. Last year I was a pack-rat. I kept e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. After I read a magazine, I put it in the magazine rack. Until I had two years worth of my various subscriptions just sitting around collecting dust. Now, once I get a magazine, I read it and recycle it. I used to keep a huge folder of motivational quotes and inspirational stories. Now, I have moved all that into my Evernote account, and am planning to move other paper-keeping there as well. I plan on writing about this in the future, but it is helping me simplify my life, and also organize something that was stuck in the 1960s. I still own a lot of stuff, but since January 2011, I have donated a lot of clothes and kitchen items, sold furniture and recycled a whole hell of a lot of paper. I am not owned by “stuff” anymore. It is all a part of re-taking my life.

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  1. Thanks for the mention – and it’s funny you tackled this topic today, given what I wrote on my blog (great minds, I guess…). Anyway, I like that you’ve gotten rid of “stuff” that doesn’t mean much. I think that’s really the point of it all. Here’s to living a better (less cluttered) life!

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