January At-A-Glace

I’m going to try to do this little review post at the end of each month and it will be in three parts.

Top Posts for January

Control Your Inbox for Better Results – January 3, 2011
27 Lessons for 27 Years – January 12, 2011
Focus: Live! – December 30, 2010
Get a Yearly Physical … Now! – January 25, 2011
A Time for Generosity – January 25, 2011

Progress Towards my Goals

I wrote about what I’m striving for in 2011 at the beginning of the year.

  1. Read more. <–haven’t had time
  2. Spend more time in personal reflection (focusing on where I’ve grown and where I can). <–haven’t had time
  3. Outreach more with my consulting. <–haven’t had time
  4. Write. <–haven’t had time
  5. Paint. <–haven’t had time
  6. Take more photos. <–haven’t had time
  7. Join a club or recreational sports league. (dodge ball anyone?) <–haven’t had time
  8. Cook. <–haven’t had time
  9. Entertain. <–haven’t had time
  10. Ask questions. <–haven’t had time

Other Goals I’m Pursuing

  • Speaking Clients – none
  • Coaching Clients – none
  • Secure an Agent – haven’t started
  • Blog Post Frequency – Currently on pace
  • Business Income – none
  • Read 16 Books – Just started first book of the year
  • Personal Savings Goal – Haven’t calculated
  • Pay Off Student Loan – On pace
  • Paint Six Paintings – Haven’t had time
  • Attend 12 Networking Events – Just arrived in NYC
  • Take Photos Once a Month – none
  • Sell a Painting – nope
  • Start Volunteering – Will begin researching this month
  • Make 52 new NYC Connections – Must update my tracking sheet

Okay, so I haven’t exactly knocked it out of the park with my goals … but I have a good excuse: I moved half-way across the country! therefore, February is my time! I’m making it happen this month, so jump on board.

January Theme
Words from January

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