Broken Piggy Bank

Broken? Depends Who You Ask

This past Sunday I happened to catch the end of Sen. Harry Reid on NBC’s Meet the Press and what he had to say actually had me laughing. Reid was asked about Social Security and the proposals on the table.

Reid interupted and said he didn’t like any of the proposals. Not A One.

The two other things he said have me thinking.

  1. He’s not going to “punish” those who are 60+.
  2. The system is unequivocally financially and fiscally sound. (For arguments sake just read for yourself at the site and The Heritage Foundation.)

But I’m not getting political here as this isn’t really a political blog, even if I do like to talk politics on occasion. No, my point is much broader. Both those websites site research and actual numbers, not rhetoric, to back up the need for reform. For fixes.

So, if something is broken, what do you do? What if you don’t agree that it is broken? As luck would have it, I’ve been in both situations.

If it is broken: I research ways to fix it and get it done! Case in point: I always fall behind on my RSS reader. But I recently came up with a solution and so far I am sticking to it. I’m spending the first half-hour I get home from the office reading whatever I can. What I don’t finsih, remains unread. If I miss it, oh well. Better luck next time.

If I don’t think it’s broken: I at least look into it because perhaps I am blinded by loyalty or my lack of understanding. Case in point: I have been an avid user of Microsoft Outlook since … well … since I first got the internet. But I finally changed and went to Google Apps and I couldn’t be happier!

What do you do in these situations?

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