27 Lessons for 27 Years

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Happy Birthday! :-) It does seem just like yesterday that I was turning 18 or 21, but here I am 27 years old and as I’m getting closer to 30 (yikes!), I’m thinking about all the experiences and failures I’ve had thus far in my life. So, in honor of today, here are 27 quick lessons I’ve learned.

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  1. When you’re hurt – physically or emotionally – you’re hurt.
  2. Try something at least twice before you quit trying. (see cherries and coffee)
  3. The wins and losses pretty much balance out.
  4. To be who you are is one of the hardest things you will ever do.
  5. Take lots and lots of pictures.
  6. Be willing to cry.
  7. Hitting the delete key doesn’t mean you failed, just that you know you can do better.
  8. Vegetables can be good. (who knew?!)
  9. Be open to new music and movies and aren’t your “taste.”
  10. Ask questions … lots of them.
  11. Have a backup of your computer files.
  12. Treat every person you meet with respect.
  13. If you have a dream, go after it.
  14. Hug people you care about.
  15. Dentists are that bad.
  16. If something is broken, it can still be fixed.
  17. Super/instant glue can save your childhood.
  18. Ask for help.
  19. Put your actions where your mouth is.
  20. Give your time, your energy, your money to things you believe in.
  21. Kite flying is not just for kids.
  22. Naps, like dogs, are man’s best friend.
  23. Learn something everyday.
  24. You are a creative person.
  25. Home really is where the heart is.
  26. Working out isn’t that bad when you’re doing it with friends.
  27. Love often.

Thanks for sharing in the last few years of my life. Here’s to another 27!

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