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I’m sure I’ll regret this post someday in my future. But it has happened. I’m a Gleek. Urban Dictionary defines a ‘Gleek‘: To LOVE the show Glee [...].

It has happened over the course of a few months but over the last two weeks, it happened. The music has been outstanding and the story-lines have gotten better since I began catching the show earlier this season.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are definitely times when the show leaves something to be desired with the writing.

But lately the writing has been spot on. The show is tackling issues around bullying and while it is a hot-topic for those in education right now, it is important. In fact, the writing is coming at it from different angles. First from both the bullied and the bully points-of-view. And then last week we started to see how friends were impacted by the school bullying. And finally, we started to see the inner-workings of the principal’s difficulty in dealing with bullying.

Here is why I will probably regret this post: Glee is kinda … how do I put it … out there? It is very niche and not many people outside of it will watch it. I started watching for the music and now I’m actually invested.

But it could be worse. I could be a fan of Two and a Half Men. If you’re a fan, I’m sorry if this offends you, but the show is all about a guy who has been drinking and having sex with a new woman every night around his nephew. Great family values.

Or I could be a fan of Dancing With The Stars or some other reality television show that while entertaining, is cheaply made. And get this, if you haven’t seen the previews, next up is Skating With The Stars. I’m all for entertainment. But please, for the love of Hollywood, make something worthwhile. Challenge me. Challenge the world. Make me think. Make me question. Make us talk. Right now, Glee is where it is at.