FOCUS: Your Fears! (v3n25)

Selected Life Lesson
I overcame extreme shyness by taking a speech class,
participating in plays and giving presentations.
-JoAnn B’s life lesson from Fairfax, Iowa

Richard’s Thoughts…
It’s Halloween week! I hope you’ve enjoyed a little fun or maybe you’re taking part in your children’s enjoyment of this goblin holiday. I reminisced last week about Halloween’s past and JoAnn’s thought this week got me thinking.

I used to be afraid of public speaking. Terrified. I hated getting lines in my church’s Christmas productions. I probably even prayed to not get one. But then the more I did it, the more comfortable I became. And the more comfortable I began, the better I performed.

In honor of the horror that is Halloween, find something you’re afraid of doing, experiencing, hearing or tasting … and do something about it! If you do … let me know what you WERE afraid of and HOW you overcame it.

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